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Hi, may I know what do you about the analyst position of APAC BNP in house consulting role? In terms of culture, career path and salary progression.

How does BNP compare with other investment banks in HK? Would it have a good exit option?


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So this is the management consulting function I mentioned. I would say, it is a very exciting opportunity for someone who can possibly be the "star of the future" in the bank.

You will get a lot of exposure to different topics, different department and senior management It is a challenging role but also a perfect role for someone to excel.

So this role doesn't really consider someone without experience in BNP/consulting, unless he/she shows the potential that he/she is the star of the future

For candidate with experience, cGPA doesn't really matter

For grads, master degree highly preferred (BNP likes to hire master grad even for grad Programme), cGPA most of the time even for back office it is at least 3.6

Exit opportunity

mostly it is other ibanks' internal consultancy, MBB, worst case big4 consulting

But if you get this role and you enjoy BNP, I suggest to stay in BNP for long time (5-10 years) to build your career there. As if you try hard, this is a position that can boost your career fast. Maybe like in 5-10 years VP, SVP etc


BNP is very french. That means, people are chill, and it is not that stressful comparing to other ibanks. at the same time, it is also french oriented, a lot of senior management is French. So if you want to stay until you retire, either you learn French or you stay in middle management at max


Afaik, BNP is underpaid comparing to other BB ibanks, but attractive when comparing to commercial banks (except HSBC)

If you like work life balance, BNP is a good place. If you don't mind to work 15-16 hours a day but you get fast tract career and higher pay, you should aim for tier 1 ibanks


BNP有自己嘅 management consulting team, 係centralised 同埋直接under global (global = paris) ...

你想了解多啲嘅position係直接under management consulting 定係 ITO (IT and Operation)? 

係comment到俾多少少資料我,  ie application link, 等我可以分享番啲有用少少嘅info啦 👍🏻

強答😂👍🏻appreciated 👍🏻👍🏻
Thanks a lot! Its very informative and useful info


Thanks a lot. This is the attached link for the position.