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Swire Pacific Group同Swire Resources有咩分別?

Jenny Chan
last edit: 11-Dec-2019

想知道Swire Pacific Group同Swire Resources嘅主要分別,例如前景、人工等等🙏🏻

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先講Swire Resources,主要業務係做Brand Management / Development同Sports Product Retailing。早年幫唔同外國brand喺香港同內地develop知名度,例如:Reebok同Puma等 (宜家應該已經唔係了);


#Sports - Arena, Speedo

#Outdoor - Columbia, Mountain Hardware, Teva

#Lifestyle - Cath Kidston, Chevignon, Emu, Jockey, Repetto, Rebecca Minkoff, Rockport, Soludos

姐係做呢啲brands喺香港及內地嘅品牌代表(Brand Representative)。

除此之外,Swire Resources仲有建立自己嘅retail outlets,亦係為人熟悉嘅Marathon Sports (馬拉松)、Gigasports、Catalog等 (仲有d2r同Go Wild),喺中港澳三地擁有多過250間outlets,所以大家會見到以上嘅品牌會成日出現喺呢啲outlets。佢哋做嘅grad programme係Buyer Trainee (其實都唔算講得上係programme...),主要都係deal with果啲brands,同埋搵其他貨俾自己outlets去賣,起薪唔高,升遷都算正正常常only,前境主要都係做返retail / buyer咁。

Swire Pacific就係大佬。係Swire喺香港上市嘅控股公司,係一間真正嘅大conglomerate,亦就係大家真正認識嘅太古,業務由地產、航空、Beverages、Shipping、就連Manufacturing同Mining都有。Parent Company(大股東)就係請開House Staff / Group Staff Management Trainee嘅John Swire & Sons (Parent Company)。呢兩個programme係香港其中最令人趨之若鶩嘅MT programme之二,無論係起薪點定career path都無得傾地一片光明,唯二可以挑剔嘅地方係:1) Programme有返咁上下歷史,所以近年都有說MT師兄姊太多坐著係上面;同 2) 一開始就已經揀定集團旗下嘅某行業而已。

講起Swire Pacific,不得不提佢喺香港上市係分咗A Share (0019.HK)同B Share (0087.HK)。至於有咩分別同點解會咁分而唔好似其他conglomerates一樣,詳情可以參考以下文字同網頁:

“The dual-class system gives the Swire family half the total voting rights even though it owns only 28 per cent of the company. One Swire A share is, nominally, worth five B shares. However, the B share trades at a steep discount to the more liquid A share, which is a Hang Seng Index constituent.” (SCMP, June 2000)


Good andwer😏👍🏻 Push👍🏻

Swire Resources is a wholly owned subsidiary under the Trading & Industrial Division of Swire Pacific Limited. It is a leading brand management, retail and distribution company in Greater China.

Swire Pacific’s interests are grouped under five operating divisions: Property, Aviation, Beverages, Marine Services and Trading & Industrial. The company is the major shareholder in two other publicly quoted companies in Hong Kong: Swire Properties Limited and Cathay Pacific Airways Limited. Swire Pacific is one of Hong Kong’s largest employers, where it has over 41,000 employees. It employs approximately 33,000 employees in Mainland China. Globally, Swire Pacific has over 93,000 staff.

From my experience, working in the parent company will be more prestigious. It is obvious when you are having meetings with other colleagues from subsidiaries.